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Capt Bob's Mission Scanner School

Welcome to Capt Bob’s Mission Scanner School!


Capt Bob has 1 goal to give you the down & dirty of what Mission Scanner entails and prepare you for becoming a qualified aircrew member. Mission Scanner is the first aircrew position that is required to pursue qualification in any other aircrew position.

Each member of a search and rescue aircrew have tasks that they specifically trained to conduct:

  • Mission Pilot: Safely navigate crew from base of operations to area(s) of interest and back
  • Mission Observer: Visual search, maintain communication with base, and assist mission pilot
  • Mission Scanner: Visual search and maintain accurate log
  • Airborne Photographer: Take airborne photographs and/or videos of ground targets

Course Preparation

There is no shortage of materials available to prepare you for mission scanner qualification.  Below is a list of required and optional resources for Capt Bob’s Mission Scanner School


Print the following pages from item 1 (MART Volume I – Mission Scanner) in useful material below:

  • Pages 15-24
  • Pages 75-93
  • Pages 131-137
  • Pages 139-146
  • Paper fold out Los Angeles VFR Sectional (Does not have to be current). Will be used to draw CAP grid.
Useful Material:

All materials below are available on the National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) Mission Aircrew School Curriculum site.

1) Mission Aircrew Reference Text (MART) Volume I – Mission Scanner – Details all required knowledge and expectations of Mission Scanners.
2) Mission Scanner Task Guide – Details pass/fail criteria for mission scanner qualification tasks.
3) Mission Scanner Slide Presentation – Part 1/2/3
4) Mission Scanner Specialty Qualification Training Worksheet (SQTR) – Tasks that need to be completed for Mission Scanner qualification
5) Simplified Visual Search Planning – Search pattern review slides

Course Syllabus

Download course syllabus here

Required Material: Mission Aircrew Reference Text (MART) Volume I – Mission Scanner Revision June 2017

Chapter 1: Scanner Duties & Responsibilities [Print Pages 15-24]

1.1 Mission Scanner Duties and Responsibilities
1.2 CAP Missions
1.3 Liability and Mishap Reporting
1.4 Forms
1.5 Using eServices for Operations Qualifications

Chapter 5: Scanning Techniques and Sighting Characteristics [Print Pages 75-93]

5.1 Scanning
5.2 Vision
5.3 Fixation Points and Line of Scan
5.4 Scanning Patterns
5.5 Atmospheric and Lighting Conditions
5.6 Visual Clues
5.7 Wreckage Patterns (accident signs)
5.8 Reducing Fatigue
5.9 Directing the Pilot

Chapter 9: Search Planning and Coverage [Print Pages 131-137]

9.1 Search Terms
9.2 Disaster Assessment
9.3 Missing Person Search

Chapter 10: Visual Search Patterns [Print Pages 139-146]

10.1 Planning Search Patterns
10.2 Route (Track Line) Search
10.3 Parallel Track (Parallel Sweep)
10.4 Creeping Line Search
10.5 Expanding Square Search (a point-based search)
10.6 Sector Search (a point-based search)
10.7 Contour Search

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